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i read all the books first and then i watched the movies! bc if i read them then watch i’d probably watch the next one so! yeah i know who, (s)He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named haha se what i did there? im a genious anyway, you should read it now

oh no actually I’m pretty okay at reading and then watching since I’ve already seen them all lol everytime I see this person on my dash I’ll call this way. btw are you still on skype?

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I’m with you till the end of the line.

Make me choose

coltonsdylan asked: Sebastian Stan or Chris Evans

then read it, what are you waiting for??? i mean it’s not boring the sixth but it’s not the best one u know, the book is too happy although in the end u probably know what happens im not gonna say bc perhaps you dont and i dont wanna give u spoilers

I thought about starting today but NO, remember I told you I need to watch the movie first so I can take all my conclusions first.. yeah I haven’t downloaded it yet so probably I’ll start next week only lmao and shit I know what happens at the sixth ‘cause I watched the movie (I just don’t like the sixth movie.. idk about the book) YEAH DON’T BE LIKE SOMEONE ELSE AND GIVE ME SPOILERS lmao

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nooo don’t say that, she wasn’t bad, just didn’t make the right choices i guess, OH YOU’LL LOVE THIS EPISODE lmao, it was really good actually

oh I know Malcom Merlyn helped a lot to this happen :/ talking about Merlyn reminds me Tommy and then I’ll start crying and omg I’ll stop. I’ll watch this episode asap c:

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Title: Of The Night
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logan lerman, color palette (insp)

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"I’ve been lucky to have known what I wanted to do for so long."

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